GET THE BALL ROLLING!! —— as quickly as possible. The subject is your basic chip shot. Not technique, but how to approach the shot. Without a doubt, the less loft you use the better your odds on getting the ball close to the hole.

best golf balls for beginners

The idea is to decide how far you want to carry (in the air) the ball, then choose the club that will best land the ball on your spot and roll the remaining distance to the hole. That club could be a 5 iron or a sand-wedge, depending on the necessary carry, speed of the green, type of lie, etc.

That club could even be a putter. With a relatively smooth surface off the green the putter is a great option. Make part of your practice routine using various clubs from off the green. It’s a lot harder to mishit a 7 iron or a putter from just off the green than a wedge. So go with the odds, get the ball rolling asap, and increase your up & down!